ARC Chairman:

Kerry Armstrong

Kerry Armstrong
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ARC Offices:

40 Courtland St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30303
404-463-3105 fax


ARC Board Members

Thirty-nine members comprise the ARC Board - 23 local elected officials, 15 private citizens and one representative of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.


Local Elected Officials

Buzz Ahrens
Clark Boddie
Eric Clarkson
Eric Dial
Tim Downing
John Eaves
Nancy Harris
Tim Lee
Mark Mathews
Lee May
Randy Mills
Ceasar C. Mitchell
Charlotte Nash
Charles Oddo
Richard A. Oden
Willie Oswalt
Harvey Persons
Robert Price
Kasim Reed
Tommy Smith
Jeff Turner
Jere Wood
Tom Worthan

Citizen Members

W. Brant Aden
W. Kerry Armstrong
Julie K. Arnold
Eddie Ausband
Kip Berry
Dennis W. Burnette
Rob Garcia
Mike Houchard
Liane Levetan
Minuard “Mickey” McGuire
Amol Naik
Dan Post, Jr.
Robert “Bob” Reeves
Robert “Steve” Stephens Jr.
Judy Waters

Georgia Department of Community Affairs Representative

Mr. F. T. "Tread" Davis, Jr.




ARC Return on Investment 2014

2014 Return on Investment - click to open PDF

2014 Strategy: Annual Work Program & Budget

2014 Strategic Plan and Budget cover


Background Information

ARC Work Program Summaries and Budget FY 2012

 ARC Board


ARC Board

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Board is composed of officials of political subdivisions and private citizens representing districts of approximately the same population within the 10-county, 70-city Atlanta region.

The ARC Board meets at 1:00 p.m. on the 4th Wednesday of the month, January through October, and the 1st Wednesday of December. Agendas and minutes of each meeting are offered below.   

2015 Meeting Agendas and Notes


March 25, 2015
Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes

February 25, 2015
NOTE: Meeting is CANCELLED due to pending inclement weather for the Atlanta region.

Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes


January 28, 2015
Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes



2014 Meeting Agendas and Notes

December 3, 2014

Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes

November 13, 2014 (Joint Session with Aging Services, Communications & Public Involvement and Environment & Land Use Committees) 

Agenda | Meeting Summary




October 22, 2014

Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes



September 24, 2014

Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes




August 27, 2014

Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes

Consent Agenda

Action Item

ISSUE SUMMARY: Annual Population Estimates

Discussion/Information Items



July 23, 2014
Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes
Treasurer's Report
Issue Summary: Regional Community Engagement Plan 2014
Harry West Obituary


June 25, 2014
Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes
Treasurer's Report


May 28, 2014
Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes
Treasurer's Report
Monthly Meeting Summary


April 23, 2014
Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes
Highway Trust Fund Resolution
Letter to Congressional Delegation RE: HTF
PowerPoint: Governor's Severe Winter Weather Report (3.5mb file)



March 26, 2014
Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes
Executive Committee Agenda
Previous Committee Meeting Summaries
Treasurer's Report
Area Plan on Aging Update
Project Delivery Task Force
Plan 2040 Unified Plan Update
Plan 2040 Update (Presentation)(PowerPoint)
Update on Major 2014 Work Program Activities (PPT)
REGIONAL SNAPSHOT: Do Metro Atlanta Residents Have Access to Jobs and Services?
Regional Leadership Institute Application
Thanks Mom and Dad Fund Announces New Grants
Legislative Update


February 26, 2014

Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes
ARC Committee Meeting Summaries from January
Treasurer's Report
Regional Snapshot: Plan 2040 Goals
Water Drop Dash
ARC Board Working Session RSVP Form
ELUC Education Report
ELUC Education Presentation (PowerPoint)
CREATE Awards Presentation (PowerPoint)
Legislative Update


January 22, 2014
Agenda  |  2-Day Summary  |  Notes
Memo - Treasurer's Report
Committee Summaries from December
Facebook Teen Policies
Facebook Teen Policies Presentation
Regional Snapshot - Economy
Press Release - LCI Recipients 
Plan 2040 Update (PowerPoint)
Green Communities

ARC Bylaws
ARC Enabling Legislation



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