Agency Structure

ARC Staff Organization Chart (PDF)

Office of the Executive Director

The Office of the Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of the Atlanta Regional Commission through administrative operations and business services. In addition, the Office is responsible for ARC Board policy coordination and Commission support and the building of civic partnerships.

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Center for Livable Communities

The Center for Livable Communities integrates various aspects of physical planning and data resources to achieve a greater balance of consideration for each area in the Commission's plans and programs. Activities undertaken by the Center for Livable Communities include the development and maintenance of the Region's long-range development plan and other functional plans such as the regional transportation plan and water supply plan. The Center for Livable Communities also works closely with local governments in the development of regional plans and programs, review of local comprehensive plans and reviews of Developments of Regional Impact (DRI). In addition, the Center for Livable Communities is responsible for producing much of the demographic data used both for ARC's planning activities as well as throughout the Region.

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Center for Strategic Relations

The Center for Strategic Relations is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of a comprehensive communications program to support the goals of ARC and develop an understanding of its programs and purposes.  The center is responsible for the coordination of strategic initiatives and for building and implementing a community engagement plan. The center is also responsible for state and congressional legislative coordination and the building of civic partnerships. 

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Center for Community Services

The Center for Community Services provides assistance to local governments, community groups and citizens of the Region in order to build and maintain their civic infrastructure. The center is responsible for insuring its constituents have access to information, data and management expertise, and to serve as a resource towards active community involvement in the planning process. This is accomplished through the efforts of staff work at various levels of governmental and community involvement. The center is on-call as facilitators and organizers of community and local government efforts.

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E-mail addresses

ARC e-mail addresses utilize the first initial and last name of the contact followed by  For example, Joe Smith's e-mail address would be

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