ARC Plans and Programs


Atlanta Fifty Forward
Fifty Forward is a two-year visioning initiative based on open-house style forums centered around critical topics that impact metro Atlanta now and will continue to impact it for decades. The forums feature nationally-recognized keynote speakers and explore possible actions and ideas to ensure livability, prosperity and sustainability. 

Atlanta Regional Housing Web Site 
This web site is designed to guide and assist policy makers, housing/community development professionals, planners, researchers, advocates, developers and buyers adress the availability of and affordability of housing.

Community Choices
The Community Choices Program is an Atlanta Regional Commission quality growth initiative. Through Community Choices, we provide cities and counties with tools, technical assistance and resources to help them create communities that best suit their unique visions.

Community Planning Academy (CPA)
CPA offers high-quality, cost-effective trainings and workshops for appointed citizen planners, local elected officials and local government employees, providing them with the tools needed to make effective decisions regarding their community's future.

Create Community Awards
Each day, ten counties and 67 cities throughout the Atlanta region are implementing projects, programs and services that work collectively to achieve regional goals. The “CREATE Community Awards” recognize local government leadership, excellence and innovation in five different categories.

Developments of Excellence Awards
Every year, ARC, in conjunction with the Livable Communities Coalition, honors trend-setting developments in the Atlanta region with the Developments of Excellence Awards.

Green Communities
ARC's Green Communities program is a voluntary certification program that recognizes local governments for their leadership in adopting policies and practices to reduce their environmental footprint.

Lifelong Communities
ARC's Lifelong Communities initiatives seeks to transform the region by creating neighborhoods and communities where people can live throughout their lives, no matter what their age, physical abilities or health status. The goal is to make it possible for people to remain in the communities where they have lived for years even if they are no longer able to drive or need supportive services.

LINK is a cross-sector, cross-county leadership exchange that brings together the region’s most influential leaders to visit other metropolitan areas throughout the country and see how they are addressing the same issues and challenges we face in the Atlanta region. Previous trips have visited Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver and more.

Livable Centers Initiative
The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) is a program offered by the Atlanta Regional Commission that encourages local jurisdictions to plan and implement strategies that link transportation improvements with land use development strategies to create sustainable, livable communities consistent with regional development policies.

 Model Atlanta Regional Commission
ARC's youth leadership program brings 10th and 11th grade students from all 10 counties in the region together for six months of research, field trips and presentations about regional issues. In addition to learning about where they live, students develop their own proposals for making the region a better place to live. They then present these resolutions to the ARC board for consideration.

Plan 2040
PLAN 2040 is the Atlanta region’s long-range plan for land development and transportation needs. It will guide growth for metro Atlanta through the year 2040, addressing not only land use and transportation issues but environmental, economic, housing and human services challenges as well. There are opportunities for you to get involved.

Regional Development Plan (RDP)
The ARC has developed a RDP that sets forth policies to guide future development decisions in the region.

Regional Leadership Institute (RLI)
RLI is a comprehensive leadership program designed to better prepare a diverse group of community, government, business and nonprofit leaders to work collaboratively in addressing regional issues. RLI provides a unique learning experience for emerging and existing leaders through an intensive one-week program. 

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)
The RTP is a long-range plan that includes a mix of projects such as bridges, bicycle paths, sidewalks, transit services, new and upgraded roadways, safety improvements, congestion relief initiatives and emission reduction strategies. By federal law, the RTP must cover a minimum planning horizon of 20 years and be updated every four years.

Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
The TIP allocates federal funds for use in construction of the highest priority transportation projects in the near term of the RTP. The TIP must be consistent with the long-range objectives of the RTP and must be financially balanced.

Water Conservation
ARC, the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District, Georgia Environmental Protection Division and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce are partners in a water conservation campaign to create a culture of conservation in the region. Also, ARC staffs the Water Planning District which works in collaboration with local governments and water utilities in metro Atlanta and is responsible for developing water conservation strategies for the area.

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