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New Voices

ARC has a long history of innovative and meaningful community engagement, and we work continually to enhance and grow our community outreach activities. The New Voices campaign is designed to bring new voices into our planning for the region’s future. With these new voices, we hope to engage people in meaningful conversations on important issues in the Atlanta region.

The New Voices campaign has most recently focused on engaging Millennials. Follow their activities at the New Voices website.

Global Atlanta Snapshots

The Atlanta Regional Commission is releasing a new series of snapshots that celebrate the region’s diverse communities. Global Atlanta Snapshots brings focus to foreign-born residents and ethnic communities around the region, allowing ARC to forge stronger bonds with community leaders and residents from groups that are not traditionally well-represented at regional planning and policy discussions.

This first snapshot looks at the major ethnic groups in metro Atlanta; where they come from, where they live now and how that has changed over the last 25 years. Some highlights of the first Global Atlanta Snapshot include:

  • Georgia has become a gateway for new arrivals, ranking 8th in the country for foreign born population. 65% of these new arrivals reside in metropolitan Atlanta.
  •  In 2012, approximately 13 percent of the 20-county Atlanta region’s population was foreign-born.
  • Approximately 25 percent of Gwinnett County’s population was born in another country.
  • The largest percentage of the total foreign-born population in the 10-county region hails from Latin America at 40.5 percent.



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ARC Report - New Voices - Global Atlanta Snapshots
September 2014

Download the report (PDF)

Want a deeper dive into the data?
Download: A Regional Snapshot of Ethnic Populations: Foreign-Born, Hispanic-Latinos & Asians (PDF)

Engaging Millennials at the ARC Table

Click to advance to the application for the Millennial Advisory CommitteeThe New Voices campaign began by looking at a group of citizens that is widely seen as critical to the region’s future: people in their 20s and 30s, known to demographers as “Millennials.”  ARC worked with C&M/Civic Strategies to develop a citizen‐engagement process to help ARC and its member cities and counties reach out to this group in new and innovative ways.  Millennials represent the next generation of residents who will live and work in the Atlanta region, shaping and leading it for the next 30 to 40 years. This generation represents 25% of the population of metro Atlanta.



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ARC Report - New Voices - Engaging Millennials at the ARC Table 

Take a look at what we learned about this dynamic, diverse generation:

Download the report (PDF)

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