Complete Streets

ARC has released an application for Fulton County municipalities that are interested in implementing existing plans, policies, or regulations related to complete streets. Successful applicants will receive technical assistance to help them engage residents, gather data on existing pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and assess existing policy. There is no match requirement. Applications are due Friday, June 12.


Livable Centers Initiative Awards

ARC’s Community Development and Aging & Health Resources divisions partnered this year to offer funding to organizations or jurisdictions who would use tactical urbanism to create places that work for all residents regardless of their age or ability. The two successful recipients of the Livable Centers Initiative awards were the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign for its Atlanta Streets Alive event in Atlanta’s Historic West End and the City of Snellville. To learn more about these events please visit and

Live Beyond Expectations

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Age-friendly Atlanta from Atlanta Regional Commission on Vimeo.



Sweet Auburn Living Beyond Expectations Summary Report


Lifelong Community Toolkit


The Atlanta Regional Commission has assembled resources to help you create a Lifelong Community. Some of these tools include:


Lifelong Communities

Lifelong Communities: A Framework for Planning

Lifelong Communities are places where individuals can live throughout their lifetimes; they provide a full range of options to residents, insuring a high quality of life for all.

Lifelong Communities work to achieve three major goals:



Elements of a Lifelong Community

In June, 2014, ARC, joined by community and tactical urbanism partners, created a temporary Lifelong Community on two-blocks of Atlanta’s historic Sweet Auburn Avenue. Over a period of three days, The “Sweet Auburn Living Beyond Expectations” project demonstrated many of the elements that help create a Lifelong Community. Open the Summary Report 

Components of a Lifelong Community

Take a look at the temporary assets that were created by volunteers in just one day to help transform Sweet Auburn Avenue into a Lifelong Community.
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Accessibility Components

Accessible transit - street car, buses

Accessible vehicle parking

Adequate street lighting

Curb cuts

Wheelchair ramps

Navigation/wayfinding signage


Cross walks - audible crosswalk signals, extended time to cross and clear signage

Raised garden beds

Livability Components

Senior housing - Wheat Street Towers

Basic services nearby such as medical, restaurants and other retail stores

Trees and planters roadside as pedestrian buffers

Grassy or tree-lined medians for pedestrian refuge in multi-lane streets

Protected Bike Lanes

Benches or other seating for rest

Shaded areas

Recreational areas

Fitness zones - places to exercise and be active outdoors

Third spaces - areas for community gathering and socialization

Healthy affordable fresh foods, i.e. grocery store, community garden, urban farm

Public art and music

Public restrooms - handicapped accessible port-a-potty

Sheltered transit stops

Outdoor cafes

Community Engagement



Living Beyond Expectations is a project of the ARC's Lifelong Communities Initiative. The 21st century offers the promise of longevity, allowing us to live longer than ever before. Communities must become places where people remain healthy and engaged throughout their lifetime. That means we will need more choices for housing and transportation, better strategies for maintaining health and expanded access to services. Working together, citizens, government, businesses and philanthropic organizations can realize the promise of longevity and create, throughout the Atlanta region, Lifelong Communities that allow us to live life "Beyond Expectations"



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