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Lifelong Communities Design Handbook

Click on the image below to access the Lifelong Communities Handbook Lifelong Communities Handbook (PDF) to learn more about community design guidelines for creating Lifelong Communities.

click to open the Lifelong Communities Handbook


Vital Pictures: Coming of Age in America, The Big Idea in 4 Minutes

Kathryn Lawler: The Story of Lifelong Communities (PDF)

Laura Keyes:  Lifelong Communities (PDF)

M. Scott Ball: Livable Communities for Aging Populations: Urban Design for Longevity (PDF)

Susan Brecht: Analyzing the Senior Housing Market (PDF)

Dale Marsico: Transportation Access and Mobility Options are Essential to Every Day Living for Everyone (PDF)

Nicole Flowers, MD:  Emerging Trends to Improve Community Health (PDF)

Greg Case: Community Living and Access to Services (PDF)

Brett VanAkkeren Community Transformation: Making Lifelong Communities Sustainable (PDF)

Lesley Grady: Community Transformation


Lifelong Communities Summit Toolkit 2012

Lifelong Communities Summit:
Transforming the Way We Live Together

The Atlanta Regional Commission and community partners hosted the Lifelong Communities Summit in October 2012 to highlight integrated approaches for creating communities that support healthy aging. Presentations and information for key topics showcased during the event are included here.

Event Agenda (PDF)

The Lifelong Communities Framework and 4 Strategies for Implementation – Open Meeting

CDC Healthy Community Design; Lifelong Augusta Design Charrette

CDC Healthy Community Design
CDC Healthy Community Design Fact Sheets
CDC Healthy Community Design Video and Presentation 
CDC Healthy Places Website
Lifelong Augusta Design Charrette 

Cobb County; Mableton Elementary School
Presentation comparing new school to prototypes (PDF)
Cobb County's Create Mableton website 

Southface; Dorsey Manor-Columbia Residential
Columbia Residential
Southface; Edgewood Redevelopment
Edgewood Redevelopment

Congress for the New Urbanism; Health Districts

CNU Health Districts

Congress for the New Urbanism

CDC Healthy Community
Design Checklist

Lifelong Communities
Design Handbook

Green Building

EarthCraft (PDF)
green building program


Implementing Healthy Food Options
for Your Community
ARC Senior Community Gardens
Wholesome Wave
Plant a Row for the Hungry
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP)
AARP SNAP Benefit Information
Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Active Living
Safe Routes to Schools Georgia
CATCH Healthy Habits
Lifelong Communities Health and

Community Gardening Manual (PDF)
Lifelong Communities Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles Handbook (PDF)
Walkability Checklist

Accessible Housing
Visitable Housing; defined by Concrete Change

Safe & Accessible Roadway Networks
Complete Streets
City of Atlanta Complete Streets Policy
ARC Bike and Pedestrian Planning

Using Transit for Mobility
Lifelong Communities Transportation

Alternative Transportation Options
DeKalb Golden Shuttle
Gwinnett Get in Gear

Complete Streets Manual (PDF)
Lifelong Communities Design Handbook (PDF)
Walkability Checklist

Seeking Access (mobile website)
Aging and Disability Resource Connection 
Georgia Services for Seniors Database 
AgeWise Gateway

Providing Access
Atlanta Regional Geriatric Education Program (ARGEC)
Metro Atlanta RSVP
RSVP Speaker Request Form

Planning Access
Lifelong Communities Interactive Mapping Tool
Lifelong Community Citizen Assessment Survey
Community Walk Map

Information on discounts for seniors

             Resource Directory for Senior Adults 2012

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