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Slides and agenda from the Feb. 21st Housing Workshop: Innovation in Combining Housing and
Services for Vulnerable Populations
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- Agenda

An Overview of the Louisiana Permanent Supportive Housing  (PSH) Program

Housing Vulnerable Populations - A Developer Approach

The Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Elderly Residents of Public Housing

DCA’s Programs to Increase Housing Options for Persons with Disabilities

Fuqua Center for Late-Life Depression, Emory University

The Story of Lifelong Communities featured on WABE!

Laura Keyes, Community Development Manager with the ARC's Aging Services Division, shared the Initiative's goals and challenges with WABE's Steve Goss...Listen to the interview here.


Vital Pictures Features Mableton: Coming of Age in an Aging America, a PBS documentary produced by Vital Pictures, captures the stories of Mableton in three amazing segments about the journey of growing older in this community. Click the link below to view these segments.

The New Road

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Lifelong Communities

Living Beyond Expectations Campaign

Living Beyond Expectations Visioning Workshop - Auburn Avenue in Old Fourth WardLiving Beyond Expectations is a project of the ARC's Lifelong Communities Initiative. The 21st century offers the promise of longevity, allowing us to live longer than ever before. Communities must become places where people remain healthy and engaged throughout their lifetime. That means we will need more choices for housing and transportation, better strategies for maintaining health and expanded access to services. Working together, citizens, government, businesses and philanthropic organizations can realize the promise of longevity and create, throughout the Atlanta region, Lifelong Communities that allow us to live life "Beyond Expectations"


Lifelong Communities A Framework for Planning

Lifelong Communities (LLC) are cities and neighborhoods that provide an array of housing types that appeal to individuals both young and old,  opportunities for healthy living including parks and outdoor spaces, ways to get around including meeting the needs of individuals who do not drive, safe sidewalks and convenient access to shopping, recreational opportunities and basic services.  Lifelong Communities are places where individuals can live throughout their lifetimes; they provide a full range of options to residents, insuring a high quality of life for all.

Lifelong Communities work to achieve three major goals:

Lifelong Communities Emerging Sites

Emerging Sites

Exciting things are happening with Lifelong Communities throughout the region! Visit the Emerging Sites page to learn more each community and see sample place-based approach to creating communities where older adults can age in place and age well.

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Visit the Lifelong Communities Interactive Mapping Tool to learn more about "access to services"




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