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The Atlanta region has a history of not meeting the federal standards for ozone and fine particulate matter. Natural weather conditions, mobile sources, power plants and industries all contribute to air quality.

The Atlanta region is in nonattainment for ground level ozone and in maintenance for fine particulate matter, two of the six pollutants regulated under the Clean Air Act. Nonattainment areas are actively not meeting current air quality standards. Maintenance areas are places that have recently met standards, but still have environmental controls in place to ensure continued attainment.

The quality of our air impacts the health, environment and economy of our region.

TH - Map of non-attainment Boundaries in the Atlanta Region - click for enlargement

Clearing the Air: Air Quality in the Atlanta Region

ARC's TV Show: Clearing the AirThis episode of ARC's TV show, "The Shape of Things to Come," explores the current state of the region's air quality, defines the various types of pollution, profiles efforts to improve air quality and showcases specific programs that employers and commuters can take to adopt a clean air lifestyle.

More information on ARC programs that support cleaner air can be found on the right.

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