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Air Quality Planning

Air quality planning requires coordination among federal, state and local agencies. The Interagency Consultation Group meets monthly to discuss regional air quality issues.

State Implementation Plan

Individual states must develop plans to reduce air pollution to acceptable levels in the timeframe prescribed by the Clean Air Act. These air quality plans are referred to as the State Implementation Plans (SIP). Mobile (transportation-related) emissions, as estimated by the ARC, must conform to established limits or Motor Vehicle Emissions Budgets (MVEB) for nonattainment pollutants and/or their precursors. MVEB are set by the State Air Agency, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD), in the SIP and are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) as adequate for use in the transportation conformity process.

Transportation Conformity

A positive conformity determination must be made for transportation plans and programs within air quality nonattainment areas in order for federal transportation funding to be allocated, without restriction, to the region. This determination is provided by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) with concurrence provided by USEPA. For more information on transportation conformity, please visit Federal Highway Administration.

Current Plan - The Atlanta Region's Plan

The Atlanta Region's Plan Conformity Determination Report

The Atlanta Region's Plan is the latest iteration of the regional plan prepared by ARC. Due to changes in transportation plans and programs, the associated RTP and 2016-2021 TIP requires a new conformity determination. The final Conformity Determination Report documentation for the Atlanta Region's Plan is provided below. The plan was approved by the ARC Board in February, 2016. A positive conformity determination was received on March 16, 2016 from USDOT and USEPA for both the ozone and particulate matter standards.

Previous Plan - PLAN 2040

PLAN 2040 (March 2014 Update) Conformity Determination Report

A conformity determination was required as part of the PLAN 2040 (March 2014 Update) RTP and FY 2014-2019 TIP. A positive conformity determination was received from USDOT and USEPA for both the ozone and particulate matter standards on April 30, 2014. This Conformity Determination Report reflects the latest ozone boundary and planning assumptions as well as the transition to the MOVES emission model.

PLAN 2040 Amendment #1

Since its initial adoption, PLAN 2040 (March 2014 Update) has been amended. The links below provides the latest addenda to the full Conformity Determination Report above. Amendment #1 received a positive conformity determination on September 29, 2014.

PLAN 2040 Technical Analysis Update

Another conformity determination was required to support the Gainesville-Hall County MPO's long range transportation plan and TIP. This addendum was not part of an ARC amendment or update. The Technical Analysis Update received a positive conformity determination on June 2, 2015.

PLAN 2040 Amendment #2

TIP Amendment #2 represents another set of changes to the PLAN 2040 (March 2014) Regional Transportation Plan. Addendum #3 (below) includes new emissions results. Amendment #2 received a positive conformity determination on September 29, 2015. 

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