Suggested Steps for Becoming a Green Community

  1. Establish a Green Team
    • Appoint a leader – main coordinator to work with ARC
    • Green Team members should represent each of the departments in the local government
    • Schedule regular meetings and promote communication between departments
  2. Identify measures you already are doing
    • Compile the necessary documentation to submit for credit for these measures. This will simplify the application process later.
  3. Identify measures you would like to achieve beyond what you are currently doing
    • Try to measure your current usage/impact such as energy use, water use, waste generation, transportation, etc. This will allow you to identify what improvements can be made and what the costs and savings are of those improvements. This will also allow for performance tracking which is especially important if there are costs associated with addressing the measure. This information will be helpful to demonstrate the importance of the new measures implemented and to show elected officials and citizens the progress and cost savings in your jurisdiction.
    • Assign the new measures you choose to implement to a person. This person is responsible for creating a process and working with staff to achieve this measure. Additionally, he/she is responsible for documenting and/or gathering the necessary information to submit to receive credit for the measure.
  4. Schedule an implementation outline to achieve the measures you have identified
    • Meet regularly to check the progress on these measures.
    • Once measures are complete, begin compiling the documentation and organizing it for the application process.
  5. Attend training sessions and workshops
    • ARC holds quarterly educational events to provide valuable information for local governments to learn about how to achieve the measures. Workshops focus on topic areas (i.e. energy and water efficiency, recycling and waste-reduction, etc.).
    • Sign up for the Green Matters e-newsletter to learn more about sustainability-related grants, workshops, webinars, conferences and news.
  6. Compile the completed application packet
    • Complete the application form.
    • Complete the checklist to indicate the measures you are applying for to seek points for certification.
    • Collect and organize supporting documentation for each measure. Contact ARC's Natural Resources Division for example formats.
    • Submit the digital application via DropBox, thumb-drive or CD. Hard copies will not be accepted.
  7. Educate your community on your efforts in sustainability
    • The Green Team can be a forum for establishing education and outreach efforts.
    • Internally promote your efforts to encourage participation in your efforts. For instance, if you establish a recycling program at government facilities educate and encourage employees to recycle. Offer incentives for participation.
    • Educate everyone in your community on how they can be more sustainable.

Suggested Steps to Becoming a Green Community (pdf)

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