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MRPA Rules, Regulations and Reviews

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has adopted Rules and Regulations (PDF) as required under the Metropolitan River Protection Act. They establish the procedures and requirements for all corridor reviews. All land-disturbing activity in the corridor must be reviewed, approved and certified for consistency with corridor plan standards.

Start by contacting your local government to determine if a review is needed:

  • If a proposal does not increase existing land disturbance and impervious surface and does not affect other standards, a review may not be needed. 
  • If the property has been reviewed, you can develop up to the approved limits without a new review.
  • If the proposal increases the amount of land disturbance or impervious surface over approved amounts, a new review is required.

When a review is required, the applicant must fill out the Metropolitan River Protection Act Certificate Application (PDF) and submit it, along with all required supporting material, to the local government. The required supporting documents are listed on the application and in ARC’s Metropolitan River Protection Act Rules and Regulations.

The local government forwards the submitted application to ARC for review. ARC reviews the application to determine if it is consistent with plan standards.

After the ARC review is completed and the proposal’s consistency with the plan is determined, the finding is returned to the local government. The local government issues a certification based on ARC’s findings. This authorizes the proposed activities when they conform to plan standards.

Search Metropolitan River Protection Act (MRPA) Reviews

After the Review

After a project has been certified, the local government monitors its development for conformance to the approved review. The local government also is responsible for monitoring its corridor land for unreviewed and unauthorized land-disturbing activity.

Any activity that violates the terms of its approved certificate or that occurs without certification is a violation of the act, even if the activity otherwise conforms to plan standards. The local government has the authority and responsibility to enforce the law and will take action against violators.

For more information on the Metropolitan River Protection Act and the review process, please contact us.

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