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ARC's quarterly publication that highlights current activities, planning initaitves and upcoming meeting and events.


Regional Planning Newsbriefs
A monthly e-mail bulletin designed to keep you updated about key regional issues, developments of interest, regional data resources, notices of events, documents available for download and releases of new publications.

Lifelong Communities E- News
A monthly e-newsletter that shares best practices and resources for promoting housing and transportation options, encouraging healthy lifestyles and increasing access to services for all ages and abilities.  Emphasis is given to age-friendly community development happenings throughout the Atlanta metro-region.

Just a Drop
Just a Drop is a monthly publication that features articles on water resources management activities within the 15 county planning district.

Community Engagement Network
A resource for and developer of creative community engagement on matters of public policy, plans and programs and their impact on the daily lives of the Atlanta region residents. The network is made up of community engagement practitioners, communications professionals and civic leadership, county/city representatives, social equity representatives, homeowner's representatives and/or others from the general public.

ARC Blogs

Land Matters
Land Matters is a monthly electronic publication dedicated to providing local planners, public officials and citizens with in-depth information, announcements of important events and overviews of land use and zoning issues in metro Atlanta and Georgia. While the newsletter is sent out through email, the articles contained in the letter will also be posted to this Land Matters blog, giving you, the reader, a chance to provide your thoughts and commentary on the issues.

Transportation Spotlight
Transportation Spotlight (or TSPOT) is your source for ARC transportation committee updates, transportation-themed local interest stories from jurisdictions across the Atlanta region, updates on ongoing planning activities within ARC’s Transportation Planning Division (TPD) and occasional state and national transportation stories.

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