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ARC welcomes your involvement in the transportation planning process.

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Community Engagement

The Atlanta Regional Commission values community participation and public input in all areas of its planning work.  We strive to provide resources to help community members understand key issues and challenges facing the Atlanta region as well as its important assets.

In order to properly hear from interested persons and respond to their comments, ARC requests that citizens follow the ARC Policy for Citizen Input (PDF).

The Region's Plan Outreach

Over the last 1.5 years, the Atlanta Regional Commission has had 22,000+ interactions via online, phone, and personal touch points to inform three policy dimensions of The Region’s Plan. 

Online Surveys

ARC is conducting a series of online surveys to gather feedback on draft planning goals and strategies.  These results are also being used to guide other community discussions throughout 2015 and 2016. Effort has been made to reach as many regional citizens as possible using online as well as face-to-face promotions.

The Region’s Plan Online Survey Phase I: Regional Vision and Goals
The first Region’s Plan survey was conducted in the summer of 2014. Over 8,000 responses were received from throughout the region, including 10,300 written comments of resident suggested-solutions. This survey asked respondents to consider strategies to ensure that Metro Atlanta remains globally competitive, raises the best workforce possible and continues to be a great place to live.

The Region’s Plan Online Survey Phase II: Alternative Futures
In Phase II of The Region’s Plan Survey ARC asked residents how the region should address a future of rapid change and innovation. More than 7,000 responses were received. The survey focused on specific solutions including: autonomous vehicles, technological improvements (shared vehicles, mobile and telework technology), and regional job growth and transit expansion.

Building Opportunity Workshops

The Building Opportunity Workshop Series brings together community leaders, representatives from equity groups and others to give input on issues related to equity and policy in Atlanta region. This 4-part series is focused on policy areas of transportation access, community development, economic opportunity and livability.

Equitable Target Area Workshop
In September 2014, 60+ civic & non-profit leaders, equity stakeholders and locally elected officials convened to share specific policy suggests and feedback on the Equitable Target Area Index methodology and maps. The Equitable Target Areas (ETA) index is a tool used by ARC to better understand complexities in communities of concern –high percentage of people living in poverty or high minority population – and how to make wise decisions regarding investments.

Building Opportunity Workshop #1: A Conversation on Poverty and Transportation Access in Metro Atlanta
This workshop took place January 2015 and included 175+ attendees who gathered to hear a presentation from Rebecca Burns of Atlanta Magazine, and a response panel of Keith Parker (CEO & General Manager, MARTA); Dr. Michael Rich (Exec. Director, Emory Center for Community Partnerships); and Nathaniel Smith (CEO & Founder, Partnership for Southern Equity). Participants then had an opportunity to give their suggestions for moving the region forward.

Workshop Materials

Building Opportunity Workshop # 2: Livability Through an Equitable Lens
This workshop, focusing on Livability, was held in April 2015 to engage key stakeholders in a conversation of what livability means through an equitable lens.

Community Conversations

Community Policy Discussion Groups
More than 105 individuals from community groups that advocate on behalf of ethnic minorities, public safety, bicycle and pedestrian needs, as well as aging services, participated in a series of community discussions during April and May 2015. In these discussions, ARC shared details on regional policy development and listened to needs and concerns highlighted by the groups.

Metro Atlanta Speaks
This public opinion telephone survey was conducted in 2013 and 2014, with 6,300 participants. The survey has statistical significance down to the county-level with 400 or more respondents in each of the 10 counties surveyed. The survey results gauge community perceptions of key regional issues and general satisfaction with life in Metro Atlanta.

The Regional Plan Pop-Up Open Houses
This series of meetings will be held at a variety of locations throughout the region. Each meeting will be planned in partnership with local governments and will provide an opportunity to get input at critical times in the planning process. The information included at the open houses will include draft planning documents, information on proposed projects and plans as well as opportunities to engage in open dialogue.

Millennials Advisory Panel
Metro Atlanta millennials gathered March 10, 2015 for the kickoff of ARC’s Millennial Advisory Panel. 135 young adults age 18-35 from throughout the 10-county Atlanta region make up the panel. Throughout 2015, this group will gather at a series of self-conducted civic dinner parties to generate lively discussion and gather feedback to share regarding the policies of The Region’s Plan.


Speakers Bureau
Leadership within the standing committees and within ARC will provide community with online updates and discussion of planning products.

Public Participation Plans

The Stakeholder Engagement Plan
In a planning region that encompasses much of northern Georgia, and approximately 5.2 million people, there are myriad viewpoints, visions and goals. These varying perspectives can be a challenge for developing regional consensus on key issues, yet this diversity is a valuable asset and a hallmark of our region. Regional planning must have a core understanding of community input and proposed solutions should reflect back what the community wants and needs. This plan outlines the anticipated outreach activities that will support the development of The Region’s Plan.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (draft) (PDF)

ARC Community Engagement Plan Cover

Regional Community Engagement Plan (2014) 
As part of a continuous effort to increase public involvement and general outreach in the transportation and land use planning process, ARC has developed a limited update to the Regional Community Engagement Plan (PDF). This document supplies the vision and goals for community engagement in alignment with the ARC Strategic Plan and serves at the Public Participation Plan for ARC as the Metropolitan Planning Organization. A major update of the Regional Community Engagement Plan is targeted for 2016 to incorporate anticipated changes of ARC structure as well as Federal transportation legislation.

Regional Community Engagement Plan (PDF)

PLAN 2040: An Evaluation of the Community Participation Process

PLAN 2040 (2014 Update): An Evaluation of the Community Participation Process (September 2014)
This report provides an evaluation of public participation program activities conducted for the PLAN 2040 (2014 Update) during the years 2012-2014. ARC performs an evaluation process at the conclusion of every transportation plan update to assess the effectiveness of its public outreach activities.

PLAN 2040 (2014 Update): An Evaluation of the Community Participation Process (PDF)

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