GIS Data and Maps

The Research & Analytics Division in the Center for Livable Communities provide support in a variety of ways to planning staff, local governments, planning partners, and the general public. Geographic Information Science (GIS) is an ever-growing discipline that combines database information with geographic features for powerful display and analysis. GIS requires hardware, software, data and people to create effective tools that can be used to view, query, analyze and map our region and world.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Data
ARC Research & Analytics publishes many GIS datasets for download or consume through services and hosted on the ARC Open Data site.

Interactive Mapping
The interactive ArcGIS Online platforms offer unique sites for a variety of ARC projects.

 Check out the Open Data site to explore ARC GIS data.

Additionally,  through partnerships with Neighborhood Nexus and the Open Indicators Consortium, the open source mapping and visualization platform known as Weave has been developed.  A main Weave map with over 600 variables has been created, as well as maps for Public Health, CRCT scores and more.

Digital Maps
ARC Research & Analytics creates a wide variety of digital maps for regional planning purposes.

ARGIS - Atlanta Region GIS User Group
ARC  hosts ARGIS, Atlanta Region GIS User Group, throughout the year.  ARGIS is a geospatial professional group primarily focused on local government, academic, and nonprofit entities in the Atlanta RegionThe purpose of the group is to highlight and support local government GIS initiatives, foster regional GIS collaboration, and identify and encourage data sharing opportunities.




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