GIS Data

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) creates, acquires and enhances a significant amount of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for our regional planning efforts. ARC makes many of these GIS datasets available to local governments, planning partners, consultants and the general public. Those without a GIS can still take advantage of our data through digital maps and interactive GIS mapping. In addition to our regional data, we also work with local data from our constituent counties and municipalities and statewide data from our various planning partners.

Hello open data!


The ARC is excited to offer a new open data platform enabling easier geospatial data discovery, accessibility, exploration, and collaboration.




ArcGIS Server 10.0 REST Services

All GIS data are published as REST services.

Local Data

ARC works closely with our constituent county and municipal governments for planning and data development. Although ARC has acquired a large amount of local data such as streets, landuse and parcels, this data is not available without written approval from our local governments. The best way to learn about and acquire local GIS data is to contact the particular county or municipality of interest.

State Data

ARC works closely with our state partners for planning and data development. ARC has acquired and produced a large amount of statewide data such as streets, community facilities and historical markers, many of which are available through ARIS. Additional state and federal datasets are available (particularly for counties outside the Atlanta region) at the Georgia GIS Clearinghouse, including wetlands, census data and digital orthophotography (georeferenced aerial photography).

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