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“The true challenge is planning to get the aerotropolis right. If there is not appropriate planning, airport-area development will be spontaneous, haphazard, economically inefficient and ultimately unsustainable. The aerotropolis model brings together airport planning, urban and regional planning, and business site planning, to create a new urban form that is highly competitive, attractive and sustainable.” -- Dr. John Kasarda

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See how other regions around the country and around the world are investing in their airport areas.


Airport Area Planning

Atlanta Aerotropolis and Airport Area Planning

Since 2011, ARC has engaged local governments and businesses surrounding Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and helped in the creation of the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance. As a catalyst for economic development and investment, this 501(c)(6) non-profit organization is focused on helping to develop a vibrant "Aerotropolis" around the world's busiest airport. Please visit the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance website for more information on this organization and how to get involved. You can also follow the Alliance on Facebook and Twitter @AtlAerotropolis.

Atlanta Aerotropolis Blueprint

The Alliance, with assistance from ARC, undertook an effort beginning in 2015 to develop the Aerotropolis vision into something tangible -- a master "Blueprint." Building off an initial market analysis, stakeholder interviews, and a community visioning session and charrette, the Blueprint will lay out a broad strategy for local governments and business leaders to best develop the airport area into the Atlanta region’s premier activity center. It will provide a list of catalyst sites for developers, economic development policies for local governments, and a branding strategy for the entire region.

Jacobs, MXD Development Strategists, and GLD Partners make up the consultant team selected to lead the Blueprint effort. ARC and the Alliance expect the Blueprint to be completed before the end of 2015.

Key Atlanta Aerotropolis Blueprint Documents

Airport Area Task Force

The Airport Area Task Force began meeting in August 2012. This group was integral in the creation of the Alliance and also helped spur the creation of airport area Community Improvement Districts (CIDs). This forum for public dialogue and discussion on improving the airport area will continue as a part of the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance. Meeting summaries are available below. Airport Area Task Force meetings are typically held at the Technical Support Campus at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (see driving directions to Technical Support Campus).

Contact Jon Tuley at 404-463-3307 or for more information on these airport area planning efforts.

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