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About the Livable Centers Initiative

The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) is a program that awards planning grants on a competitive basis to local governments and nonprofit organizations to prepare and implement plans for the enhancement of existing centers and corridors consistent with regional development policies, and also provides transportation infrastructure funding for projects identified in the LCI plans.

LCI Recipients

The ARC Board has approved $18 million in study funds - $1 million annually - for use in years 2000 to 2017. The ARC Board also approved an initial allocation of $350 million for priority funding of transportation projects resulting from Livable Centers Initiative studies. An additional $150 million was approved for these projects in the 2030 RTP, for a total commitment of $500 million dedicated to transportation projects resulting from completed LCI studies.

Since its inception in 1999, LCI has assisted 112 communities with more than $194 million in planning and implementation grants to devise strategies that reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality by better connecting homes, shops and offices. LCI communities cover less than four percent of the region’s land area, but contain seven percent of its residential development, 29 percent of its commercial development and 69 percent of its office development.

2017 LCI Recipients

In 2017, ARC awarded $985,000 in LCI study grants to 11 metro Atlanta communities. See press release.

Study grant recipients:

Aerotropolis Greenway 
Grant application (pdf)

Ball Ground Downtown
Grant application (pdf)

Cumberland Bike Share Study
Grant application (pdf)

Grant application (pdf)

Greenbriar Major Plan Update
Grant application (pdf)

Hampton LCI Zoning Update
Grant application (pdf)

Holly Springs Major Plan Update
Grant application (pdf)

Imagine Memorial
Grant application (pdf)

Jimmy Carter Blvd Major Plan Update
Grant application (pdf)

North Point Plan Update
Grant application (pdf)

Sugar Hill Major Plan Update
Grant application (pdf)

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LCI Boundaries Available for Google Earth

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LCI Interactive Map

Click the button below to launch the LCI Interactive Map. Through the interactive map you can view where LCI communities are located throughout the region. By clicking on an LCI area you can view all funding information pertaining to that study area, as well as study documents and transportation project information. Use the tools of the top of the page to get started!


"ARC Livable Centers Initiative: Catalyst for Change"

Created in 1999, the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Livable Centers Initiative program connects homes, shops and offices, enhances streetscapes and sidewalks, emphasizes pedestrians, improves access to transit options and expands housing choices. This nine-minute video explores the LCI program and profiles three LCI communities – West End, Woodstock and Perimeter Center Community Improvement Districts.


Video: "Livable, Healthy Communities"

This episode showcases new developments in communities across the region that promote quality growth principles by successfully mixing live, work and play options. The show also includes interviews with experts in development, housing, community improvement and livable communities. Watch the episode.


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