LCI & Community Choices Application

The application period for Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Studies and Community Choices Implementation Assistance is currently closed.

Please see the information below and the 2014 application documents on the right side panel for future reference.  


The Livable Centers Initiative program is open for funding to government jurisdictions and non-profit organizations in the 18-county Atlanta Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) boundaries (PDF) (includes all of 13 counties and portions of five additional counties). Community Choices assistance is open to the 10-county Regional Commission area and to LCI communities within the 18-county MPO area (including those in other Regional Commission jurisdictions). To be considered for either award, a jurisdiction must maintain Qualified Local Government (QLG) status or show progress toward reinstating QLG status through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

Further eligibility information pertaining to each program funding category can be found on the specific application document.

Additional Program Information for Applicants

  • Organizations receiving LCI funds will be required to contract with ARC and provide assurances of meeting federal contract requirements. This includes conducting a fair and open procurement process; therefore, if a consultant completes the funding application on behalf of the sponsor, that firm will not be eligible to compete for or be awarded the LCI contract should the study be selected. Additionally, if more than one organization is involved in the LCI study, ARC will contract with one lead organization only. Other organizations may serve as partners to the lead organization, but they will not be part of the formal LCI contract. 
  • ARC reserves the right to fund all or a portion of the total study budget, depending on program participation and evaluation of need. The study scope of any LCI application may also be adjusted through agreement with the study applicant. Agreement on study area boundaries and scope will be reached with ARC staff and local sponsor prior to awarding funds and executing a study contract.
  • Completion of an LCI study does not guarantee LCI transportation project funding. Subsequent LCI funding for transportation projects or supplemental studies is contingent upon local implementation progress and LCI program funding availability.
  • A review of the local jurisdiction’s adopted comprehensive plan and other appropriate locally adopted plans should be made as part of the study effort. During the study, the applicant should describe the actions necessary to amend plans to implement LCI study goals, including a process that will foster implementation. 
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