LCI Implementation

The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program has been an extremely popular endeavor. LCI communities have made significant commitments and investments to create and implement innovative plans for the improvement of their town centers, activity centers and corridors.

2013 LCI Implementation Report Executive SummaryARC rewards sponsors for their success by offering additional funding resources for supplemental studies and transportation projects. ARC monitors the success of these LCI studies and projects through a biennial Implementation Report. The inclusion of pedestrian-friendly elements, mixed-use developments and a greater balance between jobs and housing in LCI communities has confirmed that the LCI program is having a positive impact throughout the region.

View the 2013 LCI Implementation Report Executive Summary (PDF)

View current and past Implementation Reports on the Evaluations page.

LCI Supplemental Study Program

The LCI Supplemental Study program provides LCI communities with additional funding for supplemental plans that, in addition to the LCI master plan, aid in overall vision implementation. Supplemental study funds, also awarded on a competitive basis, but to existing LCI communities only, provides an opportunity for LCI sponsors to place a greater focus on issues such as access management, design guidelines, housing issues or the growing demand of our aging population.

View more information on the LCI Supplemental Funding Process (PDF)

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LCI 5-Year Plan Updates

The implementation of an LCI plan is a long-term process. However, each completed LCI report includes an implementation strategy with a specific five-year action plan that outlines specific activities to be completed the five years following the plans completion.

After five years an LCI area is required to complete an LCI Five-Year Plan Update to ensure continued plan implementation. This is also an opportunity to take a detailed assessment of implementation progress and make needed adjustments to maintain the spirit of the original plan.

The following documents are intended to provide information and support to LCI sponsors looking to complete a 5-year update:

LCI 10-Year Plan Updates

After ten years an LCI area has three options on how to proceed. An LCI Area may prepare a new 5-year update, following the requirements provided above, the LCI area may prepare a 10-year update or an LCI area may determine their LCI plan is complete (and therefore no longer elibigible for additional funding).

The following document is intended to provide information and support to LCI sponsors looking to complete a 10-year update:

View the LCI 10-Year Update Requirements (PDF)

McDonough Workshop - June 2011

The City of McDonough completed their original LCI study for the McDonough Town Center in 2004. In 2011, the City applied for and was awarded an LCI supplemental study grant to further implementation of the original 2004 study. Through the supplemental study scope of work, the City sought to maximize its opportunity for mixed-use and quality infill development; to improve linkages and access to both active and passive recreational amenities within walking distance of the Town Square; improve street, sidewalk and path connectivity; and strengthen existing downtown businesses.

To accomplish this goal, the City requested LCI funding to hire a consultant to complete three projects: a business retention/recruitment analysis, a connectivity and mobility plan, and a mixed-use overlay zoning ordinance. Additionally, as a part of its application, the City asked for ARC’s assistance in organizing and managing a four-day charrette/workshop to kick off the larger scope of work that a consultant would subsequently be hired to complete.

The ARC team was instructed to focus on several key issue areas during the charrette:

  • Lifelong Communities (LLC) Principles
  • Wayfinding signage and parking issues in the downtown area
  • Context-sensitive design and connectivity/mobility issues
  • Tourism, cultural events and the arts
  • Urban design guidelines

The McDonough workshop was held from June 13-16, 2011. The week kicked off with a public meeting held at the Hazlehurst House in downtown McDonough, and smaller technical meetings were held throughout the week. The final report from this workshop may be downloaded below:

View the Final McDonough Workshop Report (PDF).

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