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LCI Transportation Program

The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Transportation Program provides implementation funds for transportation projects identified in LCI planning studies. The ARC Board has committed $500 Million through 2040 for projects identified in LCI studies. Thus far, ARC has funded $202 Million for LCI projects, with the total investment (including local matches) exceeding $287 Million.  To date, LCI has funded 112 construction projects (90 of which are under construction or complete) in 67 LCI communities throughout the region. The program also provides technical assistance to sponsors during the development and implementation of LCI transportation projects.


2017 LCI Project Solicitation


ARC is accepting applications for transportation infrastructure projects that have been identified in adopted LCI studies (including LCI Supplemental Studies). This LCI "call for projects" is being conducted in concert with the funding solicitation for all projects eligible through STBG (Surface Transportation Block Grant), TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program) and CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality). There is a single application for all of these programs including LCI. Suitability for LCI program funds will be determined through the evaluation of technical project performance, as well as demonstrated commitment to LCI plan implementation. Only LCI projects will be eligible for the LCI set-aside, but all projects (including those deriving from an LCI plan) will be eligible for the other funding programs. Studies and additional funding for existing projects are also eligible in this solicitation. The link to the application site is below:

TIP (inclusive of LCI) Funding Application


LCI Transportation Resources

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