LCI Transportation Program

The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Transportation Program provides implementation funds for transportation projects identified in LCI planning studies. The ARC Board has committed $500 Million through 2040 for projects identified in LCI studies. Thus far, ARC has funded $175 Million for LCI projects, with the total investment (including local matches) exceeding $235 Million).  To date, LCI has funded 105 construction projects (70 of which are complete) in 63 LCI communities throughout the region. The program is designed to provide assistance to sponsors during the development and implementation of LCI transportation projects.

LCI Breaking Ground Report

ARC produces an annual report tracking the implementation progress of LCI-funded projects in the engineering, right-of-way acquisition and construction phases. The report provides the public with a status report for federally funded LCI projects, while it also helps ARC and our implementation partners identify causes of delays and specific projects that may need technical assistance.

ARC also produces an annual Breaking Ground Report covering all of the projects in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), inclusive of LCI. For more information, visit the Transportation Improvement Program Program Delivery page

Scoping Phase Process

Beginning in 2007, new LCI projects will first receive an approval to begin the scoping phase, and may receive federal preliminary engineering (PE), right-of-way (ROW) and/or construction (CST) funds once their scoping phase is approved by ARC and its planning partners. The scoping phase is required of all LCI transportation projects prior to obtaining federal transportation funds through the LCI Program. These studies are completed at the expense of the project sponsor. Any work completed prior to executing a project framework agreement (PFA) with GDOT is not eligible for reimbursement. The scoping phase will be used to ensure project feasibility, realistic cost estimates, and logical termini prior to a project securing LCI transportation project funding.

This process is not meant to fulfill the requirements of a Concept Report, which is required under the GDOT plan development process (PDP) for any federally funded transportation project. However, the scoping phase requirements have been designed to better prepare project sponsors for concept report development and documentation, and the preliminary engineering phase. The goal is for sponsors to immediately begin working on the technical elements of a concept report once preliminary engineering funds are committed to the project.

This scoping phase process was developed as a result of past project issues experienced with LCI transportation projects. In the 2006 LCI Transportation Project Implementation Breaking Ground Report, the most significant delay identified was the first submittal of a concept report, which was taking sponsors 12-36 months to submit.


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