Student Perspective on LCI Areas

Georgia Tech architecture graduate students in a class called “Retrofitting Suburbia,” recently looked at 12 different suburban LCI study areas and formed their own opinions about the best possible redevelopment of the sites. Their work was reviewed by Tech’s Ellen Dunham Jones and by ARC’s Land Use staff. The reports and renderings found on this page will also be submitted to the sponsors of each LCI study area for consideration.

Regional Malls

Greenbriar Mall

By Keith Brockman

Report    |    Visualization

Regional Malls

Greenbriar Mall

By James Milicevic

Report    |    Visulization


Central Conyers

By S. Bromfield

Report   |   Visualization

Strip Malls

Perimeter Point Shopping Center

By Alysha Erin Buck

Report   |   Visualization

Edge Cities

Perimeter Center

By Rob Farr

Report    |   Visualization

Parking Lots

Sandy Springs

By Matthew Holtzman

Report   |   Visulization

Asphalt to Agriculture

Toco Hills

By Ryan C. Horne

Report    |    Visualization

Street Planning


By Paul Knight

Report    |    Visualization

Big Box Retailers

Sandy Springs Home Depot and Costo

By Sarah Parmenter

Report  | Visualization 1Visualization 2

Public Housing to Urban Farm

Moreland Avenue

By Ena Sivcevic

Report    |    Visualization

Transit-Oriented Development

Toco Hills

By Jessica Toal

Report     |    Visualization

Lifelong Communities

Toco Hills

Michael Yeary

Report     |     Visualization

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