Local Comprehensive Planning

A comprehensive plan outlines a framework for the development of an area, recognizing the physical, economic, social, political, aesthetic and related factors of a community. A comprehensive plan typically results from lengthy and intensive analysis, includes a long-range scope (usually 20 years or more) and provides the overall guiding principles for growth and development of a community. The Atlanta Regional Commission's Regional Development Plan serves as the comprehensive plan for the Atlanta region.

In 1989, the General Assembly passed the Georgia Planning Act, which established a coordinated planning program for the state. This program provides local governments with opportunities to plan for the future and to improve communication with neighboring governments.

The latest revisions to the state's Minimum Standards and Procedures for Local Comprehensive Planning (PDF), which took effect March 1, 2013 and were revised as of March 1, 2014, established a new approach to local comprehensive planning and emphasized the involvement of stakeholders and the general public in preparation of plans that include a clear, well-conceived and achievable vision for the future of the community. These rules and other information are available at www.georgiaplanning.com.

ARC as the Regional Commission can assist your community in meeting its Comprehensive Plan Deadline. ARC can assist in:

Visioning and Goal Setting

ARC’s trained professionals can help your community start thinking constructively about the future. How might things be different in 5 years? 10 years? 25 years? We have designed unique community-building exercises and group activities to encourage and support public participation in community asset mapping and future land use planning. We can help stimulate ideas, help diverse interests decide upon common goals, suggest strategies for reaching those goals, and facilitate public dialogue on these issues.

Asset-Based Community Development

Let us help identify and uncover local resources that are potentially available to contribute to a community empowerment effort. This method highlights assets rather than problems and comes up with innovative strategies for using them. We can also help identify groups or individuals that should be invited to your table as well as strategies for keeping them engaged.

Workshop and Forum Facilitation

ARC has guided and facilitated projects around the region. From groups of 10 to groups of 100, we can help your project and your group process run smoothly. Sometimes it is more effective to have an ‘outsider’ lead a group – especially when the process is likely to be controversial. ARC’s staff is skilled in a variety of facilitation techniques, and meetings can be designed to cover a couple of hours or a couple of days.

ARC Completed Plans

  • City of Berkeley Lake
  • City of Douglasville 
  • City of Duluth
  • City of Jonesboro
  • City of Lake City
  • Douglas County

ARC as the Regional Commission is also responsible for determining the completeness of each community's comprehensive plan and identifying any potential opportunities for regional solutions. 

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For additional information on Local Comprehensive Planning, please contact Jared Lombard at jlombard@atlantaregional.com or Andrew Smith at asmith@atlantaregional.com.

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