Long Range Plans:


PLAN 2040 Regional Transportation Plan - The region's current long-range plan

FY 2012-2017 Transportation Improvement Program - The region's current TIP 


Long Range Planning

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) is the regional planning and intergovernmental coordination agency created by the local governments in the Atlanta region pursuant to legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly. Under various state and federal laws, ARC has numerous roles and responsibilities (PDF) regarding regional planning. All ARC work adheres to the minimum planning requirements that guide it. However, ARC staff also seeks to go beyond these requirements in creating integrated long-range regional plans that work toward a common and mutually beneficial set of solutions to the challenges faced by a growing region like Atlanta.

In addition to close collaboration on shared issues that regional plans aim to address, ARC is committed to maintaining working relationships with all of the region’s local governments. Local government planning and implementation is a critical component in achieving regional plans and programs.

From 2009 to 2011, the Comprehensive Planning Department of ARC -- Land Use, Transportation, and Research -- led the effort to develop the region's current Regional Development Plan (RDP) and Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), known jointly as PLAN 2040. This effort included a plan development process that unified elements of ARC's land use and transportation planning activities, local growth policy as outlined in local Comprehensive Plans and Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) plans, and other local policies.

While Metro Atlanta faces tremendous challenges, it is home to many forward-thinking local governments that are up to the challenge of creating a more livable and vibrant region. Only through a comprehensive, integrated planning process can the region maintain its vibrant quality of life, strengthen its economy, meet fiscal challenges, and improve public health and environmental conditions.


For additional information on Long-Range Planning, please contact Jared Lombard at jlombard@atlantaregional.com or Jon Tuley at jtuley@atlantaregional.com.

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