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Community Development Division Committees

Environmental and Land Use Committee (ELUC): Working in support of the ARC Board, ELUC is a committee of ARC's Center for Livable Communities. The committee oversees and engages with the work programs and activities of ARC’s Community Development, Research and Analytics, and Natural Resources Divisions.

Land Use Coordinating Committee (LUCC): LUCC is a subcommittee of ELUC that is made up of local government planning directors and staff from around the region, as well as representatives of other planning-related organizations. LUCC convenes to talk about land use planning issues and their connections to economic development, the environment, transportation, historic preservation, and quality of life.


Community Development

A Division of the Center for Livable Communities

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) promotes sustainable growth and efficient development patterns to ensure that the Atlanta region is positioned to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

As the Atlanta area's Regional Commission under state law, ARC serves as a comprehensive land use planning agency.

ARC's Community Development Division develops and maintains metro Atlanta's Regional Plan and related policies that address significant land use issues and needs in the region, many of which are cross-jurisdictional in nature.

The Division also convenes and advises communities on local land use planning actions that often impact more than one jurisdiction. This includes review of and assistance on local comprehensive plans and other local planning assistance efforts, as well as review of large-scale development projects known as Developments of Regional Impact.

The Community Development Division also manages ARC's nationally recognized Livable Centers Initiative (LCI). This program awards grants to local jurisdictions to plan and implement strategies that link transportation and land use strategies to create sustainable, livable communities consistent with regional development policies.

In addition, the Division assists local governments and other partner organizations with planning in areas of special regional importance, such as the "Aerotropolis" area around Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport; areas of existing and potential transit-oriented development (TOD); and the region's emerging walkable urban places (WalkUPs).

Staff also work with communities around the region to inform decision-making in regional housing policy. Issues covered include affordability, housing options, neighborhood redevelopment, and transit access.

Finally, the Division manages an annual program known as the Developments of Excellence Awards (DOE), which recognize outstanding development projects that advance the goals and policies of ARC’s Regional Plan while exemplifying sustainability and exceptional design.

The Community Development Division regularly posts to its "LandMatters" blog that seeks to keep regional partners up to date on the division's programs and happenings related to land use planning and policy. Visit the LandMatters blog and sign up for automatic email updates.

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