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Hello and Welcome

Picking up on conversations taking place throughout metro Atlanta, as well as on themes suggested by the ARC Arts and Culture Advisory Committee, staff at ARC are writing a series of articles to promote discussion around priority topics for the creative industries.  Each article invites the broader community into an online conversation around a particular theme.


Metro Atlanta Loves Its Festivals
Books, Butterflies, Films, Fishing, Hip Hop, Arts, Jazz, Pets, Bluegrass, Zombies, Pumpkins and Cycling…there really isn’t much we can’t find to celebrate. Metro Atlanta comes out en masse to enjoy the arts, culture and history that give this region its colorful heritage. This fosters economic development, community identity, and cultural sharing. Find some time to visit some of these, and let us know about your own favorite festival…

Beltline public art - small

How Did That Public Art Get There?
Public art often has a story to tell. Part of that story is how it got there. Often, it is about more than just having art for the sake of having art. It can be history, wayfinding or public policy, too.

Millenium Park Small

Arts, Culture & Livability
How do we make a community more livable and more attractive to professionals with high-paying jobs? From Millennium Park in Chicago to the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia, arts and culture is often used successfully as an answer to this question. This article begins to explore what people around the country are doing to create livable and attractive communities.

In ARC’s first Metro Atlanta Speaks survey, respondents were asked to “rate the availability of cultural events and venues in metro Atlanta.” More than 68 percent said the availability is Good or Excellent, with 23 percent rating it as Fair. What examples should be looked at for how other people made their communities more livable as we strive to make our own region thrive?

Cultural Districts Feature Image

Cultural Districts
Cultural Districts have traditionally been defined by proximity to theaters, museums and other such visual and performing arts venues. These Districts have also been long recognized for their role in community place making and as revitalization tools. But is there only one definition of a Cultural district? This article explores the context and background of the various elements of traditional cultural districts, and, through abstracts and questions, serves as a starting point for discussion of the potential of other socially cohesive areas to become cultural districts.

Digital Gaming Feature Image 

 Where is Digital Entertainment Taking Us?
Georgia is now also among the top five states in the nation for film and TV production, with more than 333 productions shot in Georgia in fiscal year 2012, investing more than $879 million in the state. The ability to take advantage of the jobs this industry creates and be work ready hinges on both the creation of projects and products, but also on having the right educational foundation to train the workforce for the careers of tomorrow.

Who Is Marcia Smith Feature Image 

Who is Marcia Smith?
The stereotypical arts patron only describes one portion of the community engaged in the larger arts, culture and creative industries ecosystem.  Discuss the diversity and depth of who is participating in the creative industries and how these sectors can prepare for the demographic shifts underway.



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