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Upcoming Implementation Committee Meetings

We are currently developing a 2017 meeting calendar for the four implementation committees, as well as meetings to develop the new 2017-2021 Competitiveness Strategy 


The 2017 Calendar will be published in Q1 of 2017



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Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy

Strategy Development

From February through November 2012, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and Market Street Services facilitated the development of a Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy for Metro Atlanta. This strategy is built on extensive input from stakeholders across the region, and supported by the leadership of Work Group and Steering Committee members. This strategy is intended to serve as a roadmap for Metro Atlanta on issues affecting regional competitiveness, and reflects the economic development objectives and initiatives of local governments throughout the region.

Strategy Implementation

Implementation of the strategy is being carried out by four committees, each devoted to one of the four goals identified by the region's stakeholders during the planning process:

  • 00:00-18:45: Conversation with AJC’s Dan Chapman
  • 18:46-43:20: Panel discussion with Dr. Dhawan, Dr. Kaufman and Ms. Abrams
  • 43:21: Hala Moddelmog, Choose ATL

In June 2015, the Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy hosted a “Community Conversation” to explore metro Atlanta’s strengths and challenges and the steps leaders should take to ensure that the region remains a strong, vibrant place to live, work and play.

The event included a panel discussion with a panel discussion with Dr. Rajeev Dhawan, director of the economic forecasting center at Georgia State University, Dr. Dan Kaufman, president of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, and the Hon. Stacey Abrams, minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives.

In addition, AJC reporter Dan Chapman discussed the newspaper’s recent series, “Atlanta Forward,” which compared Atlanta to other metro regions across the country. Hala Moddelmog, president and CEO of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, gave a presentation on the chamber’s “ChooseATL” campaign.

Strategy Documents

View the documents below for more information on the process, research and implementation plan for the Metro Atlanta Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy.

Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy Executive Summary (PDF)

Work Group Members (PDF)

Steering Committee Members (PDF)

The Regional Competitiveness Strategy includes the following five components:

  • Strategic Initiative Inventory (PDF) - an assessment of current local and state economic development priorities, goals and strategies.  Ensuring the regional strategy is a coordinated effort, this inventory, with input from the Work Group and Steering Committee, informed development of new strategic recommendations for the Metro Atlanta region.
  • Public Input (PDF) - Public input includes public input and focus groups facilitated by the consultants in all Metro counties as well as public feedback received by ARC during the Fifty Forward and PLAN 2040 processes.  In addition, a survey open to all Metro Atlanta residents was conducted for 4 weeks in March, 2012, receiving over 1,100 responses. 
  • Competitive Assessment (PDF) - a thorough analysis of the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges facing the Metro Atlanta region in key demographic, economic and quality of life indicators.  Includes benchmark against three peer metropolitan areas with which Metro Atlanta competes for jobs and workers.
  • Economic Cluster Review (PDF) - an assessment of various business sectors that are currently being targeted by local, regional and state economic development organizations, and identification of the most competitive cluster and targets in the Metro Atlanta region.
  • Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy and Implementation Plan (PDF) - a 5-year Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy and Implementation Plan will represent the culmination of the four previous phases, with strategic objectives identifying "what" the Metro Atlanta region should pursue, and specific implementation actions answering "how" the region may pursue the initiatives.
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