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Performance Appraisals

What is a Performance Appraisal?

A Performance Appraisal is a system for awarding pay increases based on an employee's performance and their effectiveness in reaching goals and objectives. A performance evaluation form is the tool used to implement a Performance Appraisal system. This tool is designed to recognize the performance of your top employees and to provide redirection to employees who may not be performing to set expectations. The tool provides a mechanism for objectively rewarding high performance and for effectively addressing inadequate performance. 

What is involved in the study process?

The Government Services division at the Atlanta Regional Commission will assist your local government with implementing a Performance Appraisal System. This process involves:

  • Evaluating the current performance appraisal system, if applicable
  • Updating the current performance evaluation tool and/or creating a new tool
  • Developing an implementation process and guidelines
  • Training Departments Directors and Supervisors on how to use the performance evaluation tool
  • Conducting an orientation for employees about the tool and process
  • Evaluating and updating the process as necessary

Where can I find examples of performance appraisal forms?

Following are examples of performance evaluation forms that local governments can use to effectively evaluate their employees. 

What experience do you have working with local governments in the Atlanta region?

The ARC Local Government Services division provided Pay for Performance assistance to several local governments. These include:

  • City of Peachtree City
  • City of East Point
  • City of College Park
  • City of Lawrenceville  
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