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Workforce Analysis

A Future Workforce Analysis is the foundation of a solid workforce plan. It involves three distinct phases, including Supply Analysis, Demand (or Needs) Analysis and Gap Analysis. Altogether, this process yields information that can be melded together with other components of the classification and compensation study to form a strategic plan that considers the jurisdiction's future workforce challenges and opportunities.

A workforce analysis considers the existing profile of the current workforce, and what it needs to be in the future to ensure high quality, efficient and effective service delivery to residents. A workforce analysis study will help elected officials and city administration gain a better understanding of staffing issues and identify ways the jurisdiction can streamline processes and reduce current and future structural inefficiencies.

It considers information such as job classifications, skills, experience, retirement eligibility, turnover rates, education and trend data. It includes a review of:

  • the work that is and will be required for the City to provide effective and efficient services
  • the knowledge and skill sets necessary to accomplish this work
  • the staffing levels necessary to perform that work
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