Training and Leadership Development

One thing makes the difference between a good community and a great community: leadership. Informed and committed leaders can serve as the catalyst to transform problems into innovations and to provide vision and action to carry us to our greatest potential. ARC offers a wide variety of leadership and education programs that prepare today's and tomorrow's leaders with the tools and training to meet the region's challenges.

Training: The Community Planning Academy

The Community Planning Academy (CPA) offers high-quality, cost-effective training and workshops to appointed citizen planners, local elected officials and local government employees. CPA provides planners and decision makers with tools to make effective decisions regarding their community's future.

  • Training for Planning Officials
    The landscape of planning in the Atlanta region has changed in recent years. State planning standards have been amended, the economy is growing again, and communities are facing tough decisions on how and where they will grow. This course provides citizen planners and community leaders with the technical knowledge and leadership skills necessary to successfully plan vibrant communities. The course consists of three parts on three separate days. See complete information and upcoming courses.

Leadership Opportunities 

  • Leadership Involvement Networking Knowledge (LINK) 
    LINK is a cross-sector, cross-county leadership exchange that brings together the region’s most influential leaders to learn how metropolitan areas throughout the country are addressing the same issues and challenges we face in the Atlanta region.

  • Model Atlanta Regional Commission (MARC)  
    Now in its 17th year, the award-winning Model Atlanta Regional Commission brings together some 50 teens from all 10 counties in the region for six months of study, debate and hands-on activities regarding regional issues and challenges. It gives teens an opportunity to learn more about the community in which they live while honing their leadership skills. 

  • Regional Leadership Institute (RLI)  
    As the challenges and opportunities of the Atlanta region become more complex, there is an increasing need to develop regional leaders. The Regional Leadership Institute (RLI) is a comprehensive leadership program designed to better prepare a diverse group of community, government, business and nonprofit leaders to work collaboratively in addressing regional issues. RLI is designed to provide a unique learning experience for emerging and existing leaders through an intensive one-week program that trains, empowers and supports leaders so they can effect positive community change in the region.

  • Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta
    Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta (ALMA), was created by MAACC in 2004 to encourage leaders throughout the community to take an active role in solving the issues and challenges facing the region’s arts & culture community. The five-day, five-month program is now managed by ARC. It connects the cultural community with corporate and foundational leaders to provide tools and knowledge for addressing problems and solutions.
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