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PLAN 2040

"ARC Plan 2040 - Blueprint For a Brighter Tomorrow" from ARC on Vimeo.

The Atlanta region is one of the world’s great economic centers, but we can’t afford to take our quality of life for granted. PLAN 2040 is the Atlanta Regional Commission’s comprehensive blueprint to sustain metro Atlanta’s livability and prosperity through mid-century, as the region is expected to add some three million residents.

The foundation of PLAN 2040 is sustainability - of the region’s economy, its environment and its people - ensuring that residents of metro Atlanta 2040 are presented more opportunities to live and thrive in a diverse, world class metropolitan area. PLAN 2040’s five objectives focus on: Serving People, Building Community, Enhancing Mobility, Preserving the Environment and Growing the Economy.

PLAN 2040 includes multiple elements, including a Regional Agenda for future land use, development and growth, as well as a $59 billion Regional Transportation Plan (PDF). While the plan focuses on a framework for the built environment and infrastructure to support a thriving region, its primary focus is on the people who will live here during the planning period and beyond.

Youth Perspectives on the Future of Metro Atlanta

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