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Building Community

The Atlanta region has been one of the fastest growing in the U.S. for the past few decades and ARC forecasts similar growth over the next 30 years, adding some 3 million new residents.  Proactive steps must be taken now to ensure complete communities with new housing options, adequate public facilities, parks and safe and healthy environments that will offer a high quality of life for future residents of the region.

To that end, PLAN 2040 includes a Regional Agenda, which encourages future development to be centered in the region’s town and employment centers, where critical infrastructure like roads, water and commercial and residential development already exist. By growing more in these places, the region can preserve its existing greenspace and rural areas that might be otherwise consumed by the land use patterns of the past.

The Regional Agenda also incorporates the Regional Resource Plan (PDF), which inventories metro Atlanta’s natural, historical and cultural landmarks and outlines strategies to protect and preserve them as the region grows.

PLAN 2040 Regional Agenda Principles

  • Building compact development in existing communities with integrated land uses that will minimize travel distances and support walking, cycling and transit.
  • Increasing housing, services, and employment opportunities around transit stations.
  • Providing a range of housing choices to accommodate households of all income levels, sizes and needs and to ensure that workers in the community have the option to live there.
  • Protecting the character and integrity of existing neighborhoods, while also meeting the needs of the community.

ARC award-winning programs, Livable Centers Initiative and Lifelong Communities, will continue to be enhanced as a part of PLAN 2040, helping to shape communities that will attract young creatives, as well as support the rapidly growing senior population.

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