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Darrielle's Vision

I am an eighth-grade student in Jonesboro, and I want good housing and healthy communities for our citizens in the future. For the last two years, I have researched, surveyed and interviewed families and children who have been affected by home foreclosure. I believe children are the real victims of foreclosure! Over two million children are being affected by home foreclosures throughout the U.S. When homes foreclose, students lose their schools, their academics are disrupted and their behaviors may change. This has also led to homelessness for many students. I became really passionate in finding a way for the voices of children to be heard when one of my friends had to move from her home due to foreclosure. Since then, I have written to President Obama, my Senator Johnny Isakson, local officials, completed a documentary for C-Span on this economic crisis and started a website in the effort to support kids of foreclosure and homelessness. I am so thankful to my parents and grandparents who support my every step. Visit me at www.kidsofforeclosure.com.

Darrielle, an 8th grader in Henry County, watched a classmate suffer through foreclosure. Concerned about foreclosure’s impact on other kids, she created www.kidsofforeclosure.com, a website to draw attention to the crisis. She has spoken to elected officials and housing stakeholders in metro Atlanta and as far away as California, Darrielle was recognized by former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros at the 2010 Piece by Piece initiative kickoff in Atlanta.

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