Plan Documents



  • The Regional Development Map (PDF), also known as the Unified Growth Policy Map (UGPM), lays out the region’s vision to accommodate anticipated growth. The UGPM is comprised of Areas and Places. Areas describe predominant land use patterns throughout the region. Places reflect concentrated uses that have generally defined boundaries and provide greater detail within Areas.
  • The Regional Development Guide (PDF) elaborates on the UGPM by providing a defining narrative for each regional Area and Place. Among other things, it includes a written description, pictures, listing of specific land uses desirable in each Area and Place and identification of Implementation Priorities, which are measures to achieve the desired development patterns. The Regional Development Guide also addresses implementation of the Georgia Quality Community Objectives (QCOs) for the Atlanta region.
  • Through the Local Government Plan Implementation document (PDF) and in compliance with state planning rules, ARC has established standards for local governments to meet in order to help implement PLAN 2040 in a measurable way. Minimum standards comprise activities that are essential to plan implementation, while Excellence standards consist of activities that are desirable. ARC is committed to ensuring that all of its local governments meet at least the Minimum standards. As such, ARC has developed resources and tools to help local governments with implementation actions in the coming years. These tools and resources are outlined on the Implementation Tools page.
  • ARC’s Social Equity Advisory Committee provides advice, guidance and facilitates new relationships. It includes members from regional Environmental Justice communities.
  • The Regional Assessment (PDF) focuses on trends in population, employment, land use and travel patterns affecting the Atlanta region.
  • The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program, which began in 2000, awards planning grants on a competitive basis to local governments and non-profit organizations to prepare plans for the enhancement of existing centers and corridors consistent with regional development policies. To assist in realizing plan recommendations, the LCI Program also provides federal funding to implement transportation projects identified in LCI studies.
  • Lifelong Communities are places where individuals can live throughout their lifetime, providing a full range of options to residents, insuring a high quality of life for all.  Its three major goals are:  promoting housing and transportation options; encourage healthy lifestyles and expanding information and access to services.
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