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PLAN 2040 Framework


 Atlanta Plan 204 Regional Resource Plan
PLAN 2040 Regional Resource


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PLAN 2040 Framework Document

This document outlines and describes the framework of the PLAN 2040 planning process and resulting planning documents. 

PLAN 2040 Framework Document (PDF)

PLAN 2040 Regional Assessment

The PLAN 2040 Regional Assessment (PDF) provided a starting point for a regional dialogue on issues, opportunities and trends around the region that impact the region’s citizens, local governments and regional planning partners, including the State of Georgia.

PLAN 2040 Regional Assessment - Appendices

All documents below are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Regional Agenda Annual Updates

Georgia DCA requires ARC to annually review the Regional Agenda component of PLAN 2040 and update the plan as needed. Several key plan documents have been updated from 2012-2014. These include the Regional Resource Plan, Unified Growth Policy Map (UGPM), Local Government Plan Implementation ("Implementation Standards") document, Regional Implementation Partners document, and Implementation Program ("Five-Year Work Program") document. The updated documents are available below.

PLAN 2040 Regional Resource Plan

The Regional Resource Plan allows ARC to coordinate activities and planning of local governments, land trusts and conservation or environmental protection groups in the region, as well as state agencies, toward the protection and management of Regionally Important Resources.

PLAN 2040 UGPM and Regional Development Guide

The Regional Development Guide provides direction for future growth based on the Areas and Places of the Unified Growth Policy Map (UGPM). The UGPM represents local plans as well as PLAN 2040 policies and forecasts.

PLAN 2040 Local Government Plan Implementation

Georgia DCA rules require ARC to establish Minimum and Excellence standards for local government implementation of PLAN 2040. Minimum Standards are activities essential to the implementation of PLAN 2040. Excellence Standards are activities that are desirable.

ARC has developed tools to assist local jurisdictions in understanding these implementation standards and assessing which standards they meet or plan to meet:

PLAN 2040 ARC Implementation Program

This document provides an overview of existing and possible new areas of work that ARC will consider in the upcoming 5-year period to meet needs identified in PLAN 2040.

PLAN 2040 ARC Implementation Program (5-Year Work Progam) (PDF)

PLAN 2040 Regional Implementation Partners

Regional implementation partners identified areas where their mission and recommended activities can be integrated with PLAN 2040 recommendations and policy.

PLAN 2040 Regional Implementation Partners (PDF)

Regional Transportation Program

The documents on this page are taken from the updated PLAN 2040 RTP, which was adopted in 2014.  This update was in response to the reauthorization of national transportation funding through MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century).

Volume I: PLAN 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Volume II: PLAN 2040 Conformity Determination Report



Appendix A: Project Listings

Appendix B: Supportive Financial Information

Appendix B: Supportive Financial Information (PDF)

Appendix C: Technical Analysis

Appendix D: Development Guidance

PLAN 2040 Stakeholder Involvement Plan ensured that PLAN 2040 reflected the full range of regional values and desires by involving a diverse spectrum of stakeholders in its development. (PDF)

PLAN 2040 Unified Plan Resolution was adopted by the ARC Board on February 25, 2009 committing ARC to undertake and adopt the PLAN 2040 unified process for the Atlanta region.

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