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PLAN 2040 Implementation Tools

Local Government Plan Implementation

As part of PLAN 2040, local governments are asked to evaluate their existing programs and consider new actions that can help the region implement PLAN 2040.

In compliance with Georgia DCA planning rules for Regional Commissions, ARC established Minimum and Excellence standards for local governments to meet in order to help implement PLAN 2040 in a measurable way.  Minimum standards comprise activities essential to the implementation of PLAN 2040, while Excellence standards consist of activities that are desirable.  These standards are detailed in the Local Government Plan Implementation document (PDF), which is part of the Regional Agenda.

ARC is committed to providing assistance to ensure that all of its local governments meet the Minimum standards for PLAN 2040 implementation.

Along those lines, ARC has developed two tools to help its local jurisdictions gain an initial understanding of the implementation standards and to assess which ones they meet or plan to meet:

ARC is also providing many other tools and resources to assist local governments with implementation actions in the coming years.  These tools and resources are outlined below.


ARC's Land Use Division has created a series of templates to help local governments meet specific minimum implementation standards.  These templates are available below, categorized by Standard.

ARC's Aging Division has also created templates for Standards related to the needs of older adults.  See the Lifelong Communities Housing Options page to access these templates for Minimum Standards 1.I, 2.B, 2.I, 3.M, 3.N and 3.O, as well as Excellence Standards 3.G and 3.H.


Through its Community Planning Academy (CPA), ARC provides regular training for local government staff, appointed Planning Commission members and elected officials.  ARC staff can also conduct training for individual local governments or on specific topics when requested.  ARC will hold special training events on specific PLAN 2040 implementation topics requested by local governments.

Technical Assistance

ARC staff are available to provide direct assistance to local governments to undertake programs or actions that support the implementation of PLAN 2040.  Planning Assistance Teams comprised of ARC staff, interns and other organizations are available on an ad-hoc basis to support local planning and visioning work, community charrettes/workshops and other needs.  ARC's Community Choices program helps local governments implement PLAN 2040 and other plans by developing new codes and policies.


On a monthly basis, ARC coordinates events where local government staff come together to discuss issues, policies and programs related to the planning and implementation needs of the region.  The Land Use Coordinating Committee (LUCC), which meets each month, convenes planners from local governments around the region, as well as staff from local non-profits and educational institutions.  LUCC agenda topics can be coordinated to support local governments' PLAN 2040 implementation needs.

Model Codes

Through Community Choices and other programs, ARC has made a variety of model ordinances and toolkits available to guide local governments in their work to plan and vision or update codes.  Toolkits are available on the Community Choices Best Practices and Toolkits page.

Data and Maps

ARC has developed specific data and mapping information to assist local governments with aspects of PLAN 2040 implementation, including:


The Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program, Lifelong Communities (LLC) program and other ARC activities are being coordinated to assist with PLAN 2040 local government implementation.  ARC will also coordinate with other agencies and non-profit organizations to provide direct assistance or training to local governments wherever necessary.

Regional Transportation Plan Implementation

ARC’s performance-based planning approach for the PLAN 2040 Regional Transportation Plan consists of two pieces: plan development and plan management.  Learn more about both pieces by viewing the document Delivering the Transportation Plan (PDF).

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