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Kylon's Vision

The one thing that I believe is important for a great future is preparation. No longer can a person just go with the flow if they want to excel in the current market. For example, instead of just going to job interviews without any prior experience, I participated in an interview workshop with the ARC and Hearts to Nourish Hope that gave me the experience I needed to truly impress the people I wanted to work for. It helped me get a job, and it helped me get into college. In the future I foresee technical, mathematical and scientific jobs topping the market. For that reason, young people should start preparing by taking the higher math and science classes at their schools. That is what I did to start preparing for my life as a civil engineer.

Kylon, a recent graduate of Fayette County High School, was a member of the 2009–2010 class of the Model Atlanta Regional Commission. He took part in ARC’s summer jobs program, successfully competing for a job against much older candidates. He was recognized by the Atlanta Regional Workforce Board as the Outstanding Youth Participant for 2010. He attends Oglethorpe University and plans to transfer later to Georgia Tech to study civil engineering.

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