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Protecting the Environment

People from other cities frequently comment on the number of trees that can be seen from the air as they prepare to land at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. They say that metro Atlanta is an emerald city from the sky.

These trees and the greenspace they inhabit are a part of the quality of life we enjoy in the Atlanta region. As the region grows, preservation and expansion of greenspaces; protection of water quality and future sources; and attention to air quality protection measures are critical for the health of our residents and our economy.

The Regional Agenda also incorporates the Regional Resource Plan (PDF), a look at metro Atlanta’s natural, historical and cultural landmarks and how we can all work together to protect and preserve them while also promoting the future growth of the region.

PLAN 2040 Environmental Protection Principles

  • Conserving and protecting environmentally-sensitive areas and increasing the amount and connectivity of greenspace.
  • Continuing to enhance stewardship of water resources throughout the region.
  • Promoting energy-efficient land development and infrastructure investments that foster the sustainable use of resources and minimize impacts to air quality.
  • Encouraging appropriate infill, redevelopment and adaptive reuse of the built environment to maintain the regional footprint and optimize the use of existing investments.
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