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Ariana's Vision

I think water conservation is important because the world is only 3 percent fresh water, and there are a lot of people in this world who need some of that water. The rest is saltwater that we cannot drink. If we take the salt out of water, it kills animals that live in the water and birds can’t find food. That is bad. We need to come together and conserve water. We also need that water so we can wash dishes, take showers and baths. If you don’t need water, turn it off. If you see water dripping from the sink, tell an adult or turn it off so we can save water.

Ariana is a fourth grader at E. Rivers Elementary School. An advocate for water conservation, she is one of more than 100 metro Atlanta school children who participated in the kick-off of theI’m In water conservation campaign for metro Atlanta, pledging to do their part to save water at home and at school. She and her classmates are serving as water conservation ambassadors to family and friends. For more information, visit

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