Plan Documents

Enhancing Mobility

Mobility is critical to the health and growth of any metropolitan region. PLAN 2040 provides $59 billion in improvements to the region’s transportation network over its 30 years, providing a range of new options for travelling.

Five principles drive the success of the 30-year Regional Transportation Plan (PDF), and a six-year Transportation Improvement Program ensures that the plan gets implemented on time and on budget.

PLAN 2040 Mobility Principles:

  • Preserve, maintain and operate the existing multimodal transportation system.
  • Implement cost-effective improvements such as sidewalks, multi-use trails, bicycle lanes and roadway operational upgrades to expand transportation alternatives, improve safety and maximize existing assets.
  • Maintain industrial and freight land uses at strategic locations with efficient access and mobility.
  • Maintain and expand infrastructure to support air and rail travel and transport.
  • Target strategic roadway capacity improvements to serve regionally significant corridors and centers.
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