Plan Documents



  • The PLAN 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) (PDF) examines the region’s transportation needs through the year 2040, as identified by local jurisdictions, the State and other stakeholders. It provides a framework to address anticipated growth through systems and policies.
  • The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), contained within the RTP, provides a financially constrained six-year program of improvements in the years 2014-2019.
  • PLAN 2040 recommends focusing limited federal transportation funds on the Regional Strategic Transportation System (RSTS), (PDF) developed in 2006 and updated as part of the PLAN 2040 RTP development. The RSTS furthers the development of an integrated, multimodal transportation system to facilitate safe and efficient movement of people and goods.
  • Adopted officially in 2008, Concept 3 is the Atlanta region’s long-range vision for regional transit systems. It now serves as the transit element of the RTP Aspirations Plan.
  • The 2008 Atlanta Regional Freight Mobility Plan and the resulting Atlanta Strategic Truck Route Master Plan (ASTRoMaP) (PDF) serve as the regional blueprint for freight planning in the Atlanta region. Policies and guidelines that resulted from these studies are the foundation for the freight component of the PLAN 2040 RTP.
  • Through the 2007 Atlanta Region Bicycle Transportation and Pedestrian Walkways Plan, ARC has identified a strategic bicycle and pedestrian network of regionally-significant corridors that connect to town centers, major activity centers and LCI communities.
  • PLAN 2040 Plan Management: (PDF) Delivering the Plan is focused on delivering the regional transportation plan through tracking business practices, tracking project implementation and measuring plan impacts.
  • Strategic Regional Thoroughfare Plan. Develops an innovative and sustainable thoroughfare network and management plan that will enhance the region’s accountability in providing acceptable levels of service for all thoroughfare users, prioritizes future investment and strengthens the link between transportation planning and traffic management and operations.
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