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Serving People

ARC predicts that the Atlanta region will be home to eight million people by 2040, three million more than call the region home in 2011. By 2040, there will be no majority ethnic group in the region and the senior population’s numbers will more than double. While residents will demand a higher quality of life, the landscape for providing new services will be quite different.

PLAN 2040’s objectives for the people of the Atlanta region is to foster a healthy, educated, well-trained and safe and secure population.

PLAN 2040 Principles for Supporting a Thriving Populace

  • Build communities that encourage healthy lifestyles and active living for all ages, with provisions for healthcare, education, recreation, cultural arts and entertainment opportunities.
  • Promote a regional community that embraces diversity of age, ethnicity and lifestyle as its strength.
  • Provide access to quality schools, career training and technology literacy to provide a workforce that can support economic opportunity.
  • Promote public safety efforts to create vibrant and safe 24-hour communities.

If the people of the Atlanta region are to achieve these principles, it will take more than recommendations from the regional planning agency. To that end, ARC partners with any number of local governments, nonprofit groups and citizens to develop strategies for making metro Atlanta the best place that it can be.

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