Plan Documents



  • Fifty Forward, a 50-year visioning effort initiated in 2008 by ARC, in collaboration with regional stakeholders, influenced the development of PLAN 2040.
  • The Stakeholder Involvement Plan (PDF) helps ensure that PLAN 2040 reflects regional values and desires by involving a diverse spectrum of stakeholders in developing the plan.
  • The Regional Implementation Partners (PDF) document identifies activities that regional partners will accomplish to support the implementation of PLAN 2040.
  • The Local Government Implementation Plan (PDF)document includes Performance Standards for Local Governments.
  • The standards are divided into minimum and excellence achievement thresholds.
  • ARC’s Regional Community Engagement Plan (PDF) for Transportation identifies goals, policies and procedures as guidance and reflects input from the public, including environmental justice groups.
  • Detailed information regarding population and employment forecasts at the regional and sub-regional level is available online at
  • As part of the Regional Evacuation Plan, ARC and regional partners identified evacuation zones and pinpointed at-risk populations. The final outcome was the development of regional evacuation routes.
  • The Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan provides a framework for the Atlanta region to improve mobility for the older-adult, low-income and disabled populations.
  • PLAN 2040 supports the Georgia Strategic Highway Safety Plan which seeks to reduce highway crashes, injuries, and fatalities through education, engineering, enforcement and emergency medical services to provide the safe roads.
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