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Explore out interactive map to see how Metro Atlanta compares to 100 other metros nationwide.


Regional Scorecard

The Atlanta region is one of the world’s great economic centers, but we can’t afford to take our quality of life for granted. Taking stock of the progress metro Atlanta has made across a number of important dimensions is critical. You can’t get to where you want to go without knowing where you are. ARC’s Plan 2040 offers a road map to help sustain Atlanta’s livability and prosperity for the next couple of decades.

Plan 2040 identified these five key goals against which we will measure our progress:

  1. Promote places to live with easy access to jobs and services
  2. Identify innovative approaches to economic recovery and long-term prosperity
  3. Improve energy efficiency while preserving the region’s environment
  4. Increase mobility options for people and goods
  5. Foster a healthy, educated, well trained, safe, and secure population.



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