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As part of Plan 2040, the region's long-range plan for sustainable growth over the next 30 years, ARC is developing a new set of population and employment forecasts for the 20-county region through the year 2040. The region-level results are complete - and guess what? Continued strong growth is forecast, with almost three million more people and almost 1.8 million more jobs expected by 2040. ARC also recently released county and small-area forecasts.

It's not just that we are growing, but it is the type of growth that we expect that will have huge implications for the Atlanta region of the future. What are we expecting? Find out here:

Read the Regional Snapshots:
Regional forecasts (PDF) Released June 2009
County and small-area forecasts (PDF) Released February 2011

View a presentation:
Regional Forecasts (PDF) 

Scenario Development

To better understand what’s in store for the Atlanta region over the next 30 years, ARC analyzed eight different futures, or scenarios, to assess the impact that different land use patterns can have on the transportation infrastructure we expect to have. What might the future hold? Go to the Scenarios page to find out. Or, check out he documents below:

What's Next - The Full Report (PDF)
What's Next - The Summary (PDF)

How We Develop Forecasts

The ultimate goal of ARC's forecasting process is to develop both a regional control total and small-area totals to help local governments better manage growth going forward. We've developed the "big" numbers - 8.3 million people and 4.5 million jobs in the 20-county region by 2040. We are now working on allocating those people and jobs to small areas by using input from local planners. Go to the Forecast Development page for more information, including the next generation land-use model called PECAS.


Read all about ARC's PLAN 2040 forecasts on the Documentation page.

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