Background & History

Throughout the multi-year PLAN 2040 development process, information was provided to local government officials and to the public that, while still relevant to the plan, is no longer timely. Much of that information can be found on this page.

ARC's Tom Weyandt discusses the basics of regional
planning and PLAN 2040.

PLAN 2040 Retreats

ARC hosted an all-day retreat for members of its board of directors and its policy committees on July 22, 2010, to discuss PLAN 2040 and how it might work with their local government policies. Below are links to the presentations and documents participants reviewed at the retreat.

All presentations below are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

July 22, 2010

November 12, 2009

Online Public Meetings 

In an effort to make it more convenient for all who would like to get involved in the planning process for PLAN 2040, ARC has conducted several public meetings in an online format. Below are the presentations, videos, transcripts and reports from past online public meetings.

Meeting #1: Vision & Goals

Meeting #2: Policies

Meeting #3: Growth Patterns and Transportation Funding Sources

Meeting #4: Focusing our Resources: Strengthening Existing Assets and Preparing for the Future

Meeting #5: Draft Transportation Recommendations

Meeting #6: PLAN 2040 Results and the Path Forward

Additional Information

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Implementation Reports

Project Selection

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