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Citizens and stakeholders played a big part in the three-year development of PLAN 2040. In the early stages, ARC developed the PLAN 2040 Stakeholder Involvement Plan (PDF) to ensure that PLAN 2040 reflects the full range of regional values and desires by involving a diverse spectrum of stakeholders in its development. (PDF)

Part of ARC’s outreach included six online public meetings that were held at key points in the PLAN 2040 development process and were open to the public for 30 days each.

During the three-year development of PLAN 2040, we heard from many elected officials, business leaders and other residents of the Atlanta region, like you. Below is a chronological look at what we heard, starting with a final report on PLAN 2040 public comments.

January - July, 2011: PLAN 2040 Recommendations

Final Public Comment Report

Stakeholder Discussions

Online Public Meetings

Neighborhood Forums

February-December, 2010: Identify Goals, Objectives, Policies & Guidelines

Summary Results

Stakeholder Discussions

Online Public Meetings

Neighborhood Forums

Local Government Outreach

General Public Comments

Opinion Polls

January-December, 2009: Identify the Issues - Needs Assessment

What We Heard

Leadership Interviews

Local Government Outreach

Stakeholder Discussions

Opinion Polls

Online Public Meetings 

In an effort to make it more convenient for all who would like to get involved in the planning process for PLAN 2040, ARC has conducted several public meetings in an online format. Below are the presentations, videos, transcripts and reports from past online public meetings.

Meeting #1: Vision & Goals

Meeting #2: Policies

Meeting #3: Growth Patterns and Transportation Funding Sources

Meeting #4: Focusing our Resources: Strengthening Existing Assets and Preparing for the Future

Meeting #5: Draft Transportation Recommendations

Meeting #6: PLAN 2040 Results and the Path Forward



Thank you for your interest in transportation planning at the regional level. For current public participation activities, please visit the Atlanta Regional Roundtable's website for more information. Also, please take a moment to review PLAN 2040's Public Comment Report. To help you understand more about the transportation planning process, several resources are provided below. Please check out the Public Meetings and Surveys and Comments pages for more specifics on current activities.

Quick Guides to Transportation Planning

These guides will help you understand and participate in transportation planning activities that may impact your community or your quality of life. They will tell you about the goals and processes of transportation planning, who is doing this planning, when it is being done and whom to contact in order to get involved.  


Transportation Public Participation Plan (PDF)
Adopted by the ARC Board in September 2008, the plan details public engagement goals and objectives, the transportation planning process and products, evaluation measures for public involvement activities, ARC policies for citizen input for ARC Board and Committee meetings and more. If there is a need to provide this document in another format, please contact ARC with this request. 


A Guide to Transportation Decision Making (PDF)
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) created this guide to help you understand how transportation decisions are made at the local, state and national levels and how you can contribute your ideas. FHWA and FTA believe that the better the public understands the transportation decision-making process, the more certain it is that the transportation system will be safe and efficient and that the planning process will be responsive to public needs and concerns about communities and the natural environment.


Regional Transportation Participation Evaluation Report (January 2008) (PDF)
This report provides an evaluation of public participation program conducted for the 2030 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Envision6, and its associated Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) FY 2009-2013, for the years 2005-2007. ARC performs its evaluation process at the conclusion of every transportation plan update assess the effectiveness of its public outreach activities.

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