Walk-Friendly / Bike-Friendly Workshops

ARC is currently sponsoring half-day workshops focused on helping communities become more walk & bike friendly. Participating jurisdictions will complete a community audit, learn about the benefits of becoming more walk & bike friendly, and receive expert advice on applying for recognition from national programs. 

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BikePed Plan

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

The Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force acts as a subcommittee to the Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) at ARC. Membership consists of city and county transportation staff, recreation and planning departments within the Atlanta region, representatives from state and federal agencies and advocacy groups. The Task Force is also open to any interested individual or group.

The Task Force meets to advise on updates the regional plan, to address bicycle and pedestrian issues as part of the long- and short-range transportation planning process at ARC, and to serve as an information exchange forum.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m. in the Harry West Room at ARC.



For more information on Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning in the Atlanta region, e-mail us at bikeped@atlantaregional.com or call 404.463.3272.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Walking and bicycling provide convenient, healthy, and fun transportation options for many trips in the Atlanta region. As transportation costs and congestion increase, walking and bicycling continue to grow in importance here and around the country.

ARC has been promoting safe, functional, and regional bicycle and pedestrian planning since 1973, and continues to update its process to address new needs and trends. 

Walk Bike Thrive!:
Atlanta Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan (2016)

Walk Bike Thrive! is the official walking and bicycling plan and policy of the Atlanta Regional Commission. 

The goal of the plan is to support active communities across metropolitan Atlanta where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities. The strategies outlined in ARC's plan aim to improve the safety, mobility, and economic growth of our region. 

The plan is divided into three parts: Recommendations; Regional Travel Assessment & Existing Conditions; and Public Participation & Priority Topics:

wbt-pt-1-cover.png  wbt-pt-2-cover.png  wbt-pt-3-cover.png

This plan was adopted by ARC's board in May 2016 and is intended to serve as the active transportation component of The Atlanta Region's Plan. Questions or comments on the document can be emailed to 

The Atlanta Region Bicycle Transportation & Pedestrian Walkways Plan (2007)

ARC's former bike/ped plan adopted September 26, 2007; replaced by Walk Bike Thrive! as of May 25, 2016. PDFs for reference:





The following maps are taken from the 2007 Bike/Ped Plan documentation. Each map is also available upon request in a size formatted for plotter printing.



Planning & Research

Over 2013 and 2014 the ARC staff focused on planning, outreach, and research to achieve a better understanding of active transportation in the metro Atlanta region. Projects have included a Regional Bicycle User Survey, a review of project solicitation and program procedures around active transportation funding, and non-motorized travel assessment mapping

Regional Bicycle User Survey

Bike/Ped Project Evaluation - Review & Proposed> Procedures

Non-Motorized Travel Assessment

Other Publications:




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