Commute Options

Commute Options are intended to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by eliminating single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips and/or decreasing the length of those SOV trips. Transportation Demand Management (TDM) encompasses a set of strategies to increase the use of commute options. The Atlanta Regional Commission's (ARC) Mobility Services Division, under the Georgia Commute Options program, serves as the focal point for providing TDM to the Atlanta region.

Individual commute options include:

Georgia Commute OptionsThe Mobility Service Division administers the Georgia Commute Options program, including the regional Guaranteed Ride Home and provides technical and financial management for Employer Service Organizations (ESOs) who work with area employers to help establish and operate commute options programs for their employees. For more information, please contact Georgia Commute Options at 1-877-433-3463 or visit

Regional TDM Plan

In June 2012, ARC initiated development of the Atlanta region's first ever Regional Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan.  This TDM Plan will be a long-range plan that will define a strategic framework for developing and integrating TDM strategies into planning, project development, and system operations investment decision-making. It is intended to build off the region’s current long-range comprehensive plan,PLAN 2040, and provide input into the update of future regional plans and programs.  

Transportation Management Association Development Handbook

Construction Mitigation and Transportation Demand Management

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