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Congestion Management Process

Traffic congestion is one of the biggest issues faced by the traveling public in any metro area. How do transportation planners identify appropriate solutions to roadway congestion? They use a Congestion Management Process (CMP) designed to do just that. All metropolitan areas with population exceeding 200,000 are required to integrate a CMP with their regional planning process.

The CMP is intended to identify congested roadways within a metropolitan area, and in turn, to identify strategies to relieve traffic congestion. Through this process, specific performance measures are applied to identify and monitor congestion on an ongoing basis. In order to identify and monitor congestion, planners collect data such as travel times along roadways, and apply forecasting tools such as a regional travel demand model. This combination of real-world data and forecasting tools is applied to quantify the level of congestion on a roadway.

Learn more about the key components of the Atlanta region's Congestion Management Process here (PDF)

ARC’s programs such as the Regional Transportation Plan and the Strategic Regional Thoroughfare Plan (SRTP) play key roles in the congestion management process for the Atlanta Region.

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