Freight Advisory Task Force

The Freight Advisory Task Force was established in 2003 as part of the ARC regional planning process. The Task Force meets periodically throughout the year. The general membership of public/private sector freight representatives include railroads, trucking, airport, chambers of commerce, and community improvement districts. The Task Force provides a forum for dialogue between the freight community and the public sector on freight and goods movement issues.


Task Force Goals

  • Improve goods and services movement in the region
  • Improve reliability of goods movement
  • Minimize the cost of goods movement
  • Improve characteristics of transportation system for freight movement

Task Force Objectives

  • Provide input on policies and improvements for freight mobility
  • Identify freight mobility characteristics and needs
  • Highlight the significance of freight to the region
  • Improve safety of the transportation system
  • Prioritize freight transportation needs and investments

For more information about the ARC freight planning program and initiatives, please Daniel Studdard via email or at 404.463.3306.



Task Force Meeting Documents:

Freight Advisory Task Force
March 13, 2012

TIA Freight Presentation (PDF)
PLAN 2040 Freight Operations and Safety Program (PDF)

Freight Advisory Task Force –
October 25, 2011

Freight Improvement Program (PDF)
Statewide Freight Plan Update (PDF)

Freight Advisory Task Force –
April 14, 2011

Task Force Agenda (PDF)
SR 6 Truck Friendly Lanes (PDF)
PLAN 2040 (PDF)
Freight Improvement Program (PDF)



The Atlanta region is a major freight and goods movement and distribution hub and the main economic engine for the state of Georgia.

The main objective of ARC's freight planning effort is to develop a framework for facilitating and enhancing freight mobility and goods movement in the region, improving the region’s economic competitiveness, and minimizing environmental and community impacts.

For more information about the ARC freight planning program and initiatives, please contact Daniel Studdard via email or at 404.463.3306.


Atlanta Regional Freight Mobility Plan

Identifying and programming effective improvements to accommodate increasing freight, goods, and services movement in the Atlanta region is vital to the economic vitality and quality of life of our region.  To address freight in a comprehensive manner, ARC undertook the development of a data-driven, policy-based plan for the metropolitan area.

Plan Purpose

The identification and prioritization of improvements and strategies that accommodate and enhance mobility of both people and goods while mitigating the negative impacts on congestion, safety, environment and quality of life.

Plan Documents



Atlanta Strategic Truck Route Master Plan (ASTRoMaP)

The 2008 Atlanta Regional Freight Mobility Plan noted that the region has discontinuous routes serving freight truck traffic.  Many truck routes are not logical in that they may stop at jurisdictional boundaries or conflict with restrictions placed in adjacent communities.  It was recognized that additional study was needed to address issues pertaining to truck routing and operations.  

One of the additional follow-up activities included the development of a regional truck route network as well as associated policies and guidelines.  This network is be referred to as the Atlanta Strategic Truck Route Master Plan (ASTRoMaP).  Development of the ASTRoMaP began in early 2009 and was adopted by the ARC in 2010. 

Study Objectives

  1. Implement follow-up recommendations from the Atlanta Regional Freight Mobility Plan to ensure that truck traffic is directed to roadways whose physical and operational characteristics can effectively accommodate truck traffic.
  2. Identify a Regional Strategic Truck Route Network concept to direct and manage freight movement.
  3. Identify supportive improvement strategies to implement the regional truck route concept, including identifying priority road-railway at-grade crossings for removal.
  4. Develop access management best practices to protect freight corridors.

Plan Documents 

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